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Planning Ahead For Better Business Since 1961

Training to become a solicitor demands considerable commitment over a number of years. Do your own research to find out as much as you can about what a career as a solicitor is really like. Talk to people in the profession and try to get some work experience. Make sure you are right for the profession and the profession is right for you.

Advice for new Law Students - So you want to be a Solicitor?  

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To succeed as a solicitor, you need to be determined and highly motivated. It will take at least three years to train if you are a law graduate, at least four years if you are a non-law graduate and at least six years if you are not a graduate.

You will need to:

Qualifying as a solicitor is not easy. You will face the intellectual challenge of exams and you will have to fund your studies. Many trainee solicitors finish their training with debts. Others are not able to finish their training because they cannot get a suitable job. There is no guarantee of getting a job either as a trainee or as a solicitor. However, some students are sponsored through part of their studies and the great majority of students who pass the Legal Practice Course qualify and enjoy successful careers.