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Largest ever survey on gender equality in legal profession

16/03/2018 The largest international survey around women in law has been released by the Law Society of England and Wales, shedding light on the road to gender equality in the profession.

“People working in law across the world have spoken out about the challenges the profession faces in achieving gender equality,” said Law Society vice president Christina Blacklaws. “I am a passionate believer in equality. Where there is inequality, I will not flinch from tackling it. I know I’m not alone in this – justice, fairness and the rule of law are what drew most of us to the legal profession.

Key figures:

* 7,781 people responded to the survey

* 74% of men and 48% of women reported progress on gender equality in the last 5 years

* Main barriers to career progression perceived as unconscious bias, unacceptable work/life balance demanded to reach senior levels, traditional networks/routes to promotion are male orientated, and a current resistance to flexible working practices

* 60% are aware of gender pay gap in their place of work

Christina Blacklaws concluded: “With our women in leadership programme, the Law Society is committed to giving women and men in law the tools to make positive changes towards gender equality.

“Every law firm, lawyer and client will benefit from greater equality in our places of work. I believe the justice system will also be stronger if the legal professions better reflects the values we uphold.”

Click here to see the full results of the survey.

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The South London Law Society AGM took place on Thursday 21 June at Anthony Gold, London Bridge. The following officers were elected to serve on the 2018 committee:

President: Robert Hush

Vice President: Donovan Lindsay

Honorary Secretary: Sarah Hughes

Treasurer: Andrew Pavlovic

Plus a committee of 8 members: 

Gareth Ledsham (Immediate Past President)

Ashmeet Wadwa (Junior Law Division Chair)

David Taylor (Law Society Council Member)

Stephen Whitaker (Committee Member)

Professor Sara Chandler (Committee Member)

Lorna West (Committee Member)

Jaymi Wooldridge (Law Society Regional Member)

Samantha Whitaker (Clapham Omnibus Editor)

These elections were approved unanimously by the members present. Following the meeting, the President and Vice President badges were presented to Robert and Donovan respectively, as the new officers in those posts.

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